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People Skills

What is different working with people in a
high trust environment vs. a low trust environment?

Communication can create trust or can undermine trust! Keys to good communication include self awareness and relationship awareness. We teach tools that contribute to better Leadership, Team Building, Conflict and Change Management, and Supervision.

Company Culture

How are people at all steps on the hierarchy treated?
Are diversity and political correctness dirty words?

Continuous Improvement, and Employee Growth and Development are keys to benefiting from diversity, prevention of harassment and violence, and developing Thinking Outside the Box, Creative Problem Solving, and Strategic Planning. We also help to develop Inspiring Vision and Mission Statements, Ethical Decision Making, and we especially support Emotionally Safe Learning Environments.

Stress Management / Burn Out

Are you feeling emotionally exhausted, experiencing negative feelings and attitudes
towards the recipients of your efforts, and feeling a lack of personal accomplishment?

The pressures in work and life today often make it difficult to manage it all. Stress Management Awareness and Techniques, Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation, Burn Out: Recognition and Prevention are all a focus of our programs.

Work – Life Balance

Do you sometimes feel like you are a dog that is being wagged by its tail?
Have you lost sight of who you are and why you are doing what you are doing?
Where are you in your life’s journey?

’Balance and Meaning in Work and Life’, ‘Roadmap for a Life that Works’, Brand You, Values Clarification, Juggling as a Life Skill .

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