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If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Mission, Meaning and Impact


We all work best when we have clarity about what we are trying to accomplish. MetaWorks is focused on your mission!


We all want to feel like we matter, like what we are doing has value, and that our efforts are appreciated.


Any intervention should make a difference! Built in to that difference should be sustainability. Turn intent into impact.

MetaWorks specializes in creating emotionally safe working and learning environments which encourage and support maximizing human potential and performance, and transform personal and organizational barriers.

We all value Mission, Meaning and Impact when we have them in our lives; however, we do not always know when they are missing in our lives or in our work. They are what transforms our work into our calling.”

“Learning is not a spectator sport”

All training, development and continuing education is an active and interactive process. No one likes to be lectured at - we all like to be listened to!

All programs are custom designed to engage your learners - Everyone has a starting place - All learning is a cumulative process

“We are all works in progress - we all have unfinished business”

Perfect is the enemy of good enough! In addition, not only do we change constantly, our circumstances change. Our teaching mindset it to encourage a culture of continuous improvement. This allows timely responses to current needs.

“The outside edge of your comfort zone is the leading edge of your learning curve.”

Everyone brings with them knowledge, experience and skills. However, change is always a stretch and a challenge. Not changing is more comfortable; however, it also means not growing.

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